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The first step towards coming out on top in a High Conflict Divorce or Child Custody case is to have someone with experience that can help you create a strategy for success. In 2015, Carmella began her own journey in the family court system. Navigating her way through  a contentious divorce opened her eyes to how vulnerable one can feel. Carmella developed a strategy to help shield her children during this emotionally draining  time. Through proper planning she presented herself in a logical, nonconfrontational way. Carmella was able to secure a safe, healthy situation for her family that included relocating from Los Angeles, Ca to Charleston, SC and was granted sole custody. When she walked out of that court room in January of 2020 she knew that day her calling was to be that light for those going through this dark time. Carmella is certified as a High Conflict Divorce Coach through Tina Swithin's nationally recognized certification program, founder of One Mom's Battle and author of the series, "Divorcing a Narcissit". Helping you with this process will take a lot of the guesswork out of it. Carmella's previous career as a licensed Esthetician was built on one on one interaction and attention to details. During her 15 years in this career she learned how to correctly listen to her clients needs in order to guide them towards their skin care goals. She has taken this same approach in her coaching business. Not only can she guide you through this difficult time but Carmella can also prepare you mentally and boost your confidence for those crucial moments. Her years in public speaking and learning the art of visualization from a prominent Sports Psychologist has helped her present herself with confidence while speaking in court. 

Carmella is passionate about working with others to overcome adversity and looks forward to guiding you every step of the way. You are no longer alone.

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